Audie Murphy

 Audie Murphy was and is a great American hero, the most decorated soldier in US History.
I have always liked Audie Murphy. I remember watching his westerns on television as a kid and had a great respect for his war record.
I have never been able to explain where the ideas come from to create these characters. Over the years I have considered shows on US Grant and Gen Patton because I have long wanted to come up with a show about a war hero. One morning out of the blue I woke up with the idea of a show based on the life of Audie Murphy. Where this came from I have no idea. I honestly think Audie Murphy had not crossed my mind since I had last seen one of his movies years before.  

Like all my shows I put the word out to see if there would be interest and there was. It seems that libraries across the country were planning Hero themed events for the summer so I was booked before a show was even written.
Audie’s autobiography provided me with a genuine voice and a point of view.

 I feel honored to perform this show and am always touched, moved and inspired to see our veterans in the audience. I have had the pleasure to perform this show in Audie’s hometown during the annual “Audie Murphy days” in Greenville and Farmersville Texas.
I have had the honor of performing for Audie's sister Nadine at the Audie Murphy Museum in Greenville Texas and meeting childhood friends of Audie and the family who took Audie in when he was orphaned. I also had the honor of meeting Captain John Heard of the 3rd Infantry Division who fought side by side with Audie Murphy. 
Thank you Audie Murphy for this opportunity.